Used Machinery

SMC Concast 4 Strand Continuous Billet Caster

SMC CONCAST 4 strand continuous billet casting machine with a walking beam rollover cooling bed.

Capacity: 1,000,000 tons/year

26 ft. radius

With new oscillators and electro-magnetic stirring

Still in operation

Excellent condition


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Siemens VAI De-Bar Rolling Mill

450,000 metric tons per year

The new Vai Siemens De-Bars/Wire Rod Plant in Russia, will have a design capacity of 315,000 t of bars and 135,000 t of angles and channels per year.

The rolling line will comprise a walking hearth furnace, a continuous rolling mill with 18 Red Ring stands and quick-change system in the finishing area, a cooling bed, straightening and cutting machines and finishing equipment for bundling, tying and dispatching. Bars are in-line quenched for enhancing the mechanical properties.

The plant will be able to produce reinforced steel in bars of 10 to 40 mm diameter, spooled bars of 10 to 16 mm diameter and sections. Smaller diameters will be produced via a multi slitting process to maximize productivity. The spooled bars will be produced on a spooling line operating at a maximum finishing speed of 23 m/s, with a four-stand finishing mono-block, shears, in-line cooling, two spooling machines, as well as automatic tying and weighing machines.


Siemens VAI Brochure

Annex C – Division List of Scope of Supply and Services



  • Yearly Production: 450,000 tons
  • Starting Size: 150 x 150 x 6,000 & 12,000
  • Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Furnace Capacity: 75t/h Walking Hearth Furnace w/ Recuperator
  • Finished Poducts: Re-Bar in bars, 10/40; Spooled Bars, 10/16
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1,600 Ton Smeral Hot Mechanical Forging Press

Built in Czech Republic

The press itself has the latest rigid Shmeral design the following design features:

  • press frame is one-piece monoblock castings
  • both parts of the press frame are connected by four tie rods made from forged bars
  • the eccentric shaft is located from the front to the back of the press
  • the shut height adjustment is located in the ram; it is manual
  • the ram has extra-long guides allowing for increased product quality
  • the flywheel of the press has the mechanical overload protection with friction liners and Bellville springs.


Nominal force 1,600 metric tons
Slide stroke 280mm
Number of continuous strokes per min 85
Maximum numer of single strokes per min 35
Shut height - slide down, adjustment up 760mm
Shut height adjustment 10mm
Table dimensions LR x FB 1,180mm x 1,120mm
Slide dimensions LR x FB 1,000mm x 920mm
Maximum stroke of lower ejector 60mm
Maximum stroke of upper ejector 45mm
Main motor power 75kWt
Press total weight 85,000kg

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Beltrame Turin Melt Facility

1997 Tagliaferri AC Arc Furnace

To support the melting process, we have the BSE technology 3 lateral combined oxygen gas burners in operation, plus 3 post combustion burners and 1 lance manipulator with 3 probes (oxygen, carbon and lime)

  • 96MVA
  • 56 KA Max
  • 850 v
  • 370 KWh/t
  • 550 mm Electrode
  • 115t/h Capacity

Tagliaferri AC Ladle Furnace

  • AC Ladle Furnace
  • 18 MVA
  • 30 KA Max
  • 220 V
  • 350mm Electrode

1989 Danieli Continuous Billet Caster

  • QTY: 6
  • 125/140/150mm Billets
  • Open Cast
  • Mechanical Mold Oscillation
  • 1M Tubular Mold
  • Water Spray Cooled
  • 130t/h Capacity


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Voronezh Model AKKB 8046 Hot Forging Press

(4,000 Ton)

Year Built: 1988


  • Nominal pressing force: 4000 ton
  • Slide stroke: 400 mm
  • Slide stroke number in 1 min: 50
  • Adjustment stroke: 10 mm
  • Max distance between table and slider (in lower position of slider): 1210 mm
  • Table size:
    • From left to right: 1680 mm
    • From front to rear: 1620 mm
  • Slide dimensions:
    • From left to right: 1420 mm
    • From front to rear: 1450 mm
  • Main motor power: 160 kW
  • Press dimensions:
    • Length: 6628 mm
    • Width: 5700 mm
    • Height: 7830 mm
  • Total weight: 366583 kg

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Kingman Melt Shop

Meltshop DC EBT EAF
Secondary Steel Making Ladle furnace
Ladle Capacity: 100 tons nominal


  • Machine Design: curved mould design
  • Machine Radius: 9 meters
  • Number of Strands: 3
  • Strand Distance: 1200 mm
  • Section Range: 150-170 mm square
  • Actual Section: 165 mm square
  • Casting Speed: 2.7 m/min.
  • Cut off length(min/max): 9.6 - 14.6 meters
  • Casting Method: open pour
  • Productivity: 500,000 stpy
  • Main Steel Grades: Grade 60, C1008, C1018, C1045, Grinding Med.
  • Oscillation: short lever system
  • Secondary Cooling: 3 zones with closed loop control:
    • Zone 1 - spray ring
    • Zone 2 - 2A & 2B
    • Zone 3 - 3A & 3B
  • Ladle Support: ladle turret with two fixed arms, weighing and independent emergency drive.
  • Tundish Support: two tundish cars, overhead type with weighing
  • Tundish: one tundish for 3 strands
  • nozzle changer device: (CNM®)
  • Molud Design: curved, CONVEX®
  • Oscillation: short lever system
  • Strand Guide: water-cooled frame
  • Spray Zone: zone I, II and III closed loop control
  • Dummy Bar System: rigid dummy bar with permanent head and
  • automatic disconnect
  • Withdrawal/Unbending: CCS (CONCAST Continuous
  • Straightening) adjustable clamping force
  • Cutting Equipment: torch cutting unit
  • Discharge Equipment: billet cross transfer
    • billet weighing
    • billet shifter
    • cooling bed

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Ladle Arc Furnace

  • Operating 8 ladles of approximately 85t capacity to handle molten steel from the EAF
  • Also one ladle furnace, commissioned from Tagliaferri, it is equipped with a 18MVA transformer
  • Whilst at the ladle furnace, the liquid steel is reheated, homogenised through a stirring process and chemically trimmed by a further addition of alloys
  • Chemical composition and temperature are controlled by spectrographic analysis of test pieces.


  • Number One
  • Manufaturer: Tagliaferri
  • Type: AC ladle Furnace
  • Transformer: 18 MVA
  • Current: 30 KA max
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Electricity Consumption: 15kWh/t
  • Electrode Diameter: 350mm
  • Stirring Gas: Argon / Nitrogerum
  • Treatment Time: Approx 30 mins

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